What You Do Matters Limited (WYDM) is a new and enthusiastic non-profit company run by a highly dedicated team based in East London.  WYDM is fostered to a commitment to women and young girls promoting self-confidence, strong interpersonal skills and women empowerment, alongside encouraging involvement in community work. We believe through building positive relationships and promoting networking opportunities, our service users can establish a sense of pride and empowerment. We currently are working on providing a range of services for women; self-confidence workshops, mentoring and volunteering projects. The WYDM team have come together on a voluntary basis united in this cause to inspire positive changes in women.




Our core beliefs are centred on:



     Giving back





We strongly believe that exploring and celebrating confidence and self-esteem goes a long way in sustaining relationships and increases chances of success in life, education, training and employment opportunities.  


Jacqueline Fernandez MA MBACP, CEO & Founder of WYDM

Qualified Counsellor http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellors/jacqueline-fernandez

WYDM started in 2012 when our CEO put on a fundraiser to fund her trip to Ghana to volunteer at an orphanage in Teshie. She thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of envisioning, organising and promoting the fundraiser and fell in love with the experience of investing her time and work in Ghana.

This event also taught her that there was a high demand of people who wanted to invest their time and donations to good causes but didn't know where or how.

And so, WYDM was born.

We promote the importance of investing time in people and creating opportunities for local people to network with charities and community organisations.