Since What You Do Matters was founded in 2012 all expenses have been self funded by the CEO & Founder of the company alongside the help of our friends and family. All ticket proceeds at our fundraisers were given to the chosen cause. 

WE NEED YOU! We understand that not everyone can invest time to help with our WYDM mission but we believe with your monetary donations, you can help make a difference.

What we hope to provide with funding:

  • Low cost counselling 
  • Summer workshops & activities for young people 
  • Women empowerment workshops focusing on building confidence & self esteem and discuss challenges women face
  • Winter event for the local homeless providing food & drink weekly
  • Mentor programme- Volunteers can sign up to mentor local vulnerable young person weekly for a year; help with CV / advice on job opportunities / application help for further education

Thank you to our loyal supporters:

Jessen Chinnapan, Joseph Cheung, Loraine Fajutag, Harold Mensah, Nikki Babcock and May Dela Cruz, Zowie Andrews



We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us since 2012. We would like to say a special thank you to Mr & Mrs P. Rasay and Mrs A. Rosenthal for their kind monetary donation over the Christmas period in 2014.